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Peace full Fishing Missive OH NO!!! I...

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Peace full Fishing Missive OH NO!!! I FALL & SLIP Into The Drink

Peace full Fishing Missive OH NO!!! I FALL & SLIP Into The Drink. So I have been working on several videos for you folks and I came up with this by chance! This is me fishing. The whole missive of this fishing is I held my rod the whole time oddly. Check out the video. i wondered about that after I watched it.

I shot another video i am going to do for everyone and when i was done I like to relax and fish my way. Sounds weird - fishing and then fishing to relax hehe, but that’s me! It was a sweltering heat, I got off the marsh and got on on a few rocks and fly cast for some bluegills, crappie and bass and by the grace of the good frog I steeped on slime and slid down fast into the drink! The slide was faster then going down an elevator shaft and I was up over my head. I remembers a good old river buddy of mine said if you go in crawl or walk its the only way out. I tried to walk straight up but the rock was slimy and did not hold my hiking boot. So I found my angle and walked in sideways to the shore. It worked. I am good, could not be better. I should have listens to the frog.

Believe me when I tell you this ain't nothing I been through 100000X worse and many folks will verify that in 4 different ways. It was kinds fun, cooled me off and I got back fishing. Cool thing was when i watched the video I held me rod the hole time! Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

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