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Sick walleye fishing

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Sick walleye fishing
Left over video editing from ice season... I was sick what can I say. Out by the Ice Shack on Lesser Slave.

Unfortunately on the last trip of the Ice season of 2016/17 I got quite sick and didn't end up fishing at many days as I would have liked... had to chill at home for the last day with the rest of the sick family. It didn't stop me from getting out and catching some more walleye before I called it quits for the season. This evening we were out on Slave Lake. This was located right beside The Ice Shack that you may have seen us fishing in during a previous video.
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Re: [Calicanuck] Sick walleye fishing In reply to
Your killing us, with these late season ice fishing videos. You're a tough dude, fishing with no gloves and putting your hands in the ice water, not sure how you do it. Looks like the ice is pretty thick, with that long of a transducer cable and driving out there in a truck.
Should be about time to start seeing some Salmon fishing videos, have you been out yet?

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