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A Bowfishing Adventure - SWAMP CARPING ...


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A Bowfishing Adventure - SWAMP CARPING - Backwater Carp Bow Fishing

A Bowfishing Adventure - SWAMP CARPING - Backwater Carp Bow Fishing. A different kinda fishing! I been itching to do some bowfishing something I have not done for sometime. Now I am no expert or professional in bow fishing (actually in anything hehe) but I have done this before and had to get my feel and aim on and some practice in on the field. For the marksman out there - THIS IS NOT SHARP SHOOTING - ITS CARP SHOOTING! Wandered into the swampy backwaters looking for carp and found some nice patches to shoot at. Had over a dozen good shots and some tough ones too. Nailed a nice carp which slipped through my hands. I could taste the carp cakes as he slipped away. On the walk back saw a beauty of a carp 40LB range but far and deep. I hit him but just gave him a scare he jumped and scuttled! Maybe next time! Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.