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Dark Boat vs Silver Boat

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Dark Boat vs Silver Boat
So guys, I have been in the market for a bass boat. This will be a keeper and do not plan on trading even 15 years down the road. So I am torn between two colors. A metal flake black (looks black when low light but dark dark charcoal in direct sun due to the metal flake). I absolutely fell in love with the color scheme. Black sets etc. Now, having said that, realistically I live in Vegas and out on the water it is blistering in the SUMMER but on the flipside, where I fish the most would be the cooler months. Maintenance on a black boat will be more and may show more dings? Will darker colors oxidize faster? I always spray wax my boat when its out of the water and keep covered under a carport.

If all the advice you guys give me points me to steer away from black then I will go for silver simply because i do like the silver (but a distant second to the black haha) and it will be eassier to maintain and I am assuming will be cooler?

carpet on either will be gray as that color is the most important when choosing for comfort. I know it gets just as hot on the water in AZ =)

Thanks for any iput for AND against. Lets hear it
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Re: [nirvananight] Dark Boat vs Silver Boat In reply to
I love black as well. I've had multiple black cars and they look so good when they're clean. That being said they don't say clean long! I don't know about oxidation but I would assume it won't hold up as well as a lighter color. Plus if you happen to lean up against it when the suns been beating down on it, OUCH!!! That being said I'd probably go with the black boat and just bitch about it later 😂