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How To Bait fish HOW I EXPLORE...

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How To Bait fish HOW I EXPLORE Saltwater Surf Fishing Clam & Bunker

Finding game fish is a process I share in this fishing video. It is for the novice and closed minded advanced angler alike. It starts with nominal fish. Fishing, is that... Fishing. Catching gamefish is another story. But you must start somewhere and you may as well have fun doing it and as I say "Fish Your Way." This is in my opinion thee best bait fishing video I have ever done. I try to take you into my mind, thoughts and methods. Exactly what I am thinking. I DROP A LOT OF TIPS AND POINTERS FOR THINGS I AM DOING AND GONNA DO. Watch the whole thing or not, but I have many insights to my insane fishing methods (I have been told.) The video is more then sea robins. The video is a start of a method, a huge start of how fishing really is and how I find bass. Not a phone call from your bass buddy. Not a post on the Internet. But a very beginning of a process that takes time. Your time... Your fishing but share in some degree that is what being human is about. This is fishing. No blitzes, no guarantees, just "time on the water" (Lou Tabory). I must also thank many locals who most likely wish not to be named in my madness.

A SIDE BAR - Sea Robins. Yes, i know many hate them and i know many love them. kind of like my reputation and i like that. Can't say I love robins but certainly can say I like sea robins. Not so much because the bend they provide my rod or the delicious cuisine but more so because what they indicate. They are also very tasty and more so then most other fish. But that is for another video. This is all about raw bait indicator early season bait fishing. There is indeed no other way to do this unless you have a good friend. Not many folks are willing to do the footwork for you and that is what reel fishing is all about. Time. But people share, thats why we are people and not animals. Linux, open source and a free platform that is why I am here but again another video. I have many videos and ideas i have not exposed as yet. Many bass videos too but the sea robin is the populous, the "Status Quo." The populous inspires, draws, indicates. The populous has numbers and lets you know what is going on and what is happening, gonna happen. Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.