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Power electric reel from down rigger...

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Power electric reel from down rigger cord?
Hello All
I'm new to the forum and heard there is a wealth of experience and wisdom associated with this group.

Just bought a Diawa electric reel for halibut but was hoping to power with same cord as my Big Jon down rigger instead of battery clips. Internet searches have not even turned up Big Jon replacement cords. Any experience or ideas?

Thank you,
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Re: [leftibug] Power electric reel from down rigger cord? In reply to
Welcome to the site leftibug, sorry I can't help you with your question as I rarely fish Saltwater but I'll try and get another guy that fishes the saltwater to help.

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Re: [leftibug] Power electric reel from down rigger cord? In reply to
The new industry standard for electric reels now uses the universal clips.

A crafty person can rig up their own direct plug in type of cord by purchasing a few items from your local hardware store.

You can use a standard 10 or 12awg 2 strand electric cord and wire it direct to the battery. The other end can be wired to the female extension cord socket.

The cord from the reel will wire into the male extension cord plug.

Be sure to get a plug and socket that are polarized since you don't want to reverse the polarity on your reel.

If this is too confusing, I can make a sketch and post it for you.

I use this on several of my electric reels. The nice part is that I can plug any of them into the same receptacle that I made and not need to hassle with clips.Cool

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