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Recommended Saltwater Fishing Hooks For Small Game!
I operate several online social media groups & a person on one of them asked me what type of hooks i recommend for shoreline whipping (casting). For me to properly answer this question would've taken a lot of time. So i decided to do a video on what i use & no longer use while fishing for small game.
Now this list can change due to your geographical location, targeted species, location topography, or if you fish using baits or lures. For me to recommend a type of hook it has to hold up to massive hits without breaking or bending. Also pulling out of the fishes mouth to killing the fish due to it's shape. So soft bronze hooks are out, that's more for fresh water applications. Certain types of steel can corrode faster then others so those are off the list. The reasons why i don't recommend a type of hook is as important as the reasons that i do.
I hope my reasoning on the hooks illustrated will help you in your decision on what you will use. These type of hooks excel in shoreline whipping (casting). Other types of fishing (ie jigging, bottom, trolling, plugging, surf casting, etc) will require different types of hooks. Maybe a future project?