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Soldier Creek 6/15/17

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Soldier Creek 6/15/17
We fished soldier creek this morning. Had a hard time finding the kokes.
We ended up landing a small 15 incher and a nice 18-19 inch 2.5 lb. and 4 cuts. Both on a pink squid behind a pink blade. Wind picked up about 11:30 but was not terrible. We left about noon. Sure wish I could find the kokes consistently.
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Re: [DeadI] Soldier Creek 6/15/17 In reply to
Thanks for posting your report, too bad the catching was so slow, how far were you setting the lures out behind the down rigger release clips? It depends on the day but we have had some decent luck with some long set backs, 60 to 80 ft.

BFT administrator and moderator
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Soldier Creek 6/15/17 In reply to
We were going out about 50-60 feet behind the ball. But it sounds like from what i am reading on other posts that they are all still really shallow and may not show up on the finder due to being shallow.

I might be heading up again tomorrow afternoon / evening. If we do I'm going to try further behind and not going quite so deep.

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