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Powerbait Swallowing

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Powerbait Swallowing
Howdy, Fishin' Fam,

As much as I love powerbait, I have found a problem with using it. I like to sink it to the bottom and have it float about 3 feet from the bottom. The problem is whenever I use bigger hooks so the fish (mostly trout) don't swallow them, the powerbait doesn't float. When I use tiny hooks it sure as heck floats, but it sure as heck gets swallowed as well.
Any suggestions? Is there a light-weight larger hook out there? Should I use a bunch of powerbait? Is this inevitable with America's bait?

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Re: [PowerBaitMan] Powerbait Swallowing In reply to
I think your last question is the answer, hard to use bait and expect them not to swallow it. Since this board is for fish glossary, I'm going to move it to our trout fishing board.

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