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This is another "How To" video on maximizing your shoreline surf/bait casting experience by creating productive habits. If you cast 2 or 8 fishing rigs this alternating system of re-baitingwill help enhance your angling experience for yourself & your fishing buddies. I decided to use blood meat from a Ahi "Yellowfin Tuna" for today's video ( thanks Wayne Choy for the block). It's a soft put pungent bait that is difficult to cast without breaking apart.
Using bait bags would work but with the strong trade winds that day i wanted to compress the size of the casted bait to increase the distance covered since my location chosen forced me to cast directly into the wind (that day's forecast never mentioned high winds). I used Shimano Ultegra spinners that came with extra spools when purchased new. So i switched out the 50lb braid for 30lb to get more distance (thinner line diameter means less air resistance).
Would've been nice to catch a fish that day but i use this area as my testing grounds to enhance my skills & to demonstrate techniques & new ideas.

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