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The Vintage Ocean City "JONES BEACH"...

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The Vintage Ocean City "JONES BEACH" Fishing Reel - JUMBO FLUKE & SHARKS

The Vintage Ocean City "JONES BEACH" Fishing Reel - JUMBO FLUKE & SHARKS!!! Back at home on the Jones Beach surf, the Ocean City "Jones Beach" 250YDS vintage conventional fishing reel fished just like it came off of the factory floor. Hand built and a work horse of a reel for only the biggest jobs on the surf. The reel took on 5 to 7 foot sharks and cranked them in raw and sandy. It did not fail, the wire and mono I choose failed. It did bring in a beautiful jumbo fluke which will be prepared for dinner tonight as well. The Ocean City "Jones Beach" features a powerful 2:1 thick cut gear set. You can horse in the biggest of fish on the surf. It has a free spool clutch as well and sports a beautiful hollow sounding clicker and a spool adjuster. No drag. It is direct drive and there is nothing slowing that fish down but your own force. I been finding that exciting with these direct drive reels. I don't know if its the added element of the danger. Your hand will get busted up if it gets caught in the spinning knob. Or maybe that it is me that is getting involved with slowing the fish down and turning them? Most likely its both. In any case the reel is well over 75 years old and most likely more. It amazes me it still works exactly as it did in its glory days. I can tell by the tarnish, it had a glory day. Luckily we gave it another.

All the fishing today was done on big bunker baits and big rigs. I used 12 inches of 90 pound wire on 14/0 and 15/0 circle hooks with a 4 foot 130 pound chafing leader with 8 ounces holding most the tide. 7 foot shark you should use 130 wire and 200 pound mono. I do not know what I liked best about this day? The "Jones Beach" fishing reel, the doormat fluke / flounder, or the 5 to 7 foot sharks? Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.