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Mantua Reservoir Question

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Mantua Reservoir Question
I have not been to Mantua and want to fish it. I will be heading up there later this week and want to focus on the bluegill. Where on the lake can someone access from the shore good bluegill fishing? I don't have a boat and will be fishing from shore. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: [UThunter] Mantua Reservoir Question In reply to
Now that weeds have started filling in, that's a toughie. Lots of people fish along the western dike, but that probably just because it's closest to the main parking lot.

You might want to try the fishing pier at the southeast corner, where the stream comes in. It's shady there, too. If you walk to the hill on the east side, there's a short section of rocky bottom where you might avoid the weeds. And people report good success at the little pond right at the base of the hill, across the walking path from Mantua proper.

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