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Connecticut’s fisheries in 2017

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Connecticut’s fisheries in 2017
Thank your for your support of Connecticut’s fisheries in 2017.  The DEEP Fisheries Division is seeking your input on the proposed inland fishing regulations. 
Proposed Regulations are Available for Your Comment
Occasionally, based on public suggestion or fisheries management considerations, regulations need to be updated or created. DEEP's Fisheries Division is currently proposing to make changes to the Inland sport fishing regulations and to establish trout and salmon stamps. These changes are intended to help provide additional recreational opportunities, enhance existing fishing opportunities, and to provide additional revenue to support recreational fishing.

DEEP's proposed changes to Inland Fisheries Regulations (effective 2018) are currently open for public comment until 4:30 pm on August 25, 2017.  The proposed changes are available via Connecticut's "eRegulations system ( or by request from or by phone at 860-424-3474.

We would like to hear from you, in favor or against, through one of the following methods. 

1. Online via the Connecticut eRegulation system (preferred method)
2. By mail or delivery service to: 
Bill Foreman
CT DEEP Fisheries Division
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106
3. By email to
4. By Fax to 860-424-4070 (Attn. Bill Foreman)

In addition, a public hearing is scheduled for:
August 9, 2017 starting at 6:30 pm. 
Gina McCarthy Auditorium
5th floor of DEEP Headquarters
79 Elm Street, Hartford. 
All are invited to attend and provide verbal testimony or written testimony at that time.

The following is a simple summary of proposed regulations and is provided here for overview purposes only. Please refer to the published documents on the e-regulations system for official wording.

1. Establishes a trout stamp ($5), an Atlantic salmon stamp ($10) and combo ($12), required to a.) fish for trout in Trout Management Areas, Wild Trout Management Areas, Trout Parks, or Broodstock Areas or b.) keep (harvest) trout or kokanee (except from waters stocked at no expense to the state).

2. Establishes a definition for "maximum length", "Tenkara", and "bubble floats".

3. Changes the fishing season on Alexander Lake, Baldwin's Pond, and Green Falls Reservoir.

4. Establishes statewide regulation for Common Carp, removes catfish and bullhead from the list of "panfish".

5. Establishes daily creel and minimum length limits for catfish.

6. Establishes a new closed season on the West Branch Farmington River, in the Riverton area and changes the Mill River TMA (Fairfield) to be year round Catch and Release fishing.

7. The Mill River Wild Trout Management Area is extended to the upper boundary of the Mill River TMA (Merritt Parkway).

8. Pasture Pond (Quinebaug Trout Hatchery, Plainfield) is added to the list of Trout Parks.

9. Establishes "Trophy Carp Waters" on several waterbodies. In these waters the daily limit will be 1 fish under 26 inches. All Carp over 26 inches must be released.

10. Various minor technical changes to make existing regulations consistent or to provide clarity.


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