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METHODS & MADNESS - Penn Reels ROCK -...

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METHODS & MADNESS - Penn Reels ROCK - Vintage Leveline 350 & BIG SHARKS on the Sand

METHODS & MADNESS - Penn Reels ROCK - Vintage Leveline 350 & BIG SHARKS on the Sand. All in all - Oh my good lord. Great reel edition! The Vintage PENN REELS Leveline 350 delivered! It rocks! Been so long since she rock and rolled! But this vintage reel took on a 100-120 (I say 140 hehe) pound shark plus no problems! The coolest thing about this reel is it has all modern convenience. Iím talking drag clicker and free spool clutch but the coolest thing is its got a leveline bar. Yep, not levewind but leveline! The old Levelline 350! I would say this is the basic AC?DC of fishing reels take it rock and roll or physics all the same it works! This may be the only 350 video in action in the old Youtube bank and for sure it does a dang great job. Yes the only video on YouTube with a PENN 350 Leveline in all its glory. WE ARE BIG FISHING TOO! Big bunker, big bait, big surf Shark fishing!

About the reel. It is an awesome reel. Nice cut moderate 3:1 gear set. Fair free spool on cast, great drag, awesome bait clicker but the punch is the Leveline bar! Pay no mind to thumbing big running fish this reel has you! Just grasp under and crank. On crank no mind to thumbing your line back and fro - JUST CRANK! Its awesome! I am gonna be using this sucker for all I know I may be trying her in the rocks for trigger but these sharks are to dang fun I can leave them, however for a few dozen 8 inch bass on the fly and 12 views I don't mind well see whats next!!! (thats me! I just do my thing!)

About the day. Met up with some good feller's a fine bunch. Just wanted one fish and got her. She to a dang long run down to the mono. I had not the time to get the whole thing but thanks to the "fishing ham" Tim we got some 3rd party angles! Austin was right in there to grab the bitch unhook her and let her on in her wicked ways of the seas we all respect. It is just an awesome thing to be out there! One thing I would like to mention is be sure to support your favourite local bait and tackle any and all. They are great places of information with some great folks there to take care of you. Big super stores are nice but local has the touch you need so be sure to pick up the best bunker at your favourite little shop and you'll be pitching in! That's how the machine works.

Please stay in tune! We got some big sharks hooked up with Gregory and Jim as well! Gregory had a fish as well as Jim in the 90-100 pound range! YES he's been a shark maniac now and a awesome well versed angler, I love hearing Jimís stories of the sea and lake and got some good video of the feller's fishing coming up! Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.