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Willard Trip # ?

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Willard Trip # ?
Wife and I got on the water about 8 ish this morning. Came up along side the Banana Yak on our way out the channel. Not a bad day weather wise. Enough breeze to keep the bugs down to zero. Hit several of our normal Cat spots along the south wall from feed lot to freeway bay. Not a single nibble today.
Got off the water about 1:30 as the power squadron was making itself known.

Richard, hope ya did better than we did. Nice to see ya again.
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Re: [Tin-Can] Willard Trip # ? In reply to
It's been tough out there, Wiperslayer and I got out there yesterday and could only manage three catsFrown, the catching turned on around 10am and was over before noon. Meet a BFT lurker at the fish cleaning station that had picked up 6 cats during the same time frame. We fished in several areas and it just wasn't that good for us either, I think TD caught them all the other day when he was out thereWink.

BFT administrator and moderator
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Re: [Tin-Can] Willard Trip # ? In reply to
Good to see you too.

The fishing was very slow. I got down near the feed lot and moved out to 12' of water and started marking fish. Finally hooked up and after a longer than normal battle I began to think I had a large carp then I was hoping it was (need more bait). Got the cat to the net to find it to be the best I have gotten this year, from willard. On the way back in I moved into 8' and caught another, about average size for willard. It too put up a good fight. The warm water must be good for them. Two fish is not what I would call a good day.

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Re: [wiperhunter2] Willard Trip # ? In reply to
You must have caught a few of the 10 or so that I released last Tuesday.

I have had a couple of good trips recently. But I suspect that my system of working in and out...deep to shallow...and moving a a key to my success. I have caught quite a few fish but I have also had some long dry spells.

Ya cain't ketch 'em where they ain't. The fish move around to find food or better temperatures or chemistry in the water. While cats are not normally a schooling fish, they will congregate in small areas sometimes if that is where the food or comfort is.

Can't count the times when I have gone over an hour without a sniff and then hook multiple fish in only a short time...including doubles.

One of my theories is that most of the cats we catch are females. And us older married guys know that females do what they want and go where they want, when they want, for their own reasons. Anytime they take pity on us angler guys...and come play with us...we are only temporarily blessed by their benevolence. It don't happen all the time and we just gotta be properly grateful.

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Re: [r2u2] Willard Trip # ? In reply to
Yeah, we hit all the spots we normally hit, and cruised a kinda zig-zag pattern from the south outlet buoy line east to freeway bay from as close to the south wall as about 20 yards off, to as far away from the wall as 200-300 yards. Crossing back and forth over that east-west ridge line. We marked tons of fish from about 8 feet deep to 18 feet. The wife had one short hit, run and drop in the south marina while I was getting the boat squared away and ready to pull out.Wink
Never ceases to amaze me how one week can make such a difference at Willard. Last weekend we couldn't hardly keep the lines in the water we were boating Cats so fast. Yesterday.............well that's how it goes.
Think I might go sit on the bank up on the Bear River tomorrow.
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Re: [Tin-Can] Willard Trip # ? In reply to
I fished from the shore on the North dike Friday evening and did pretty well. Landed 3 Wipers and 2 Smallmouth throwing mussels and plastics. It's been a frustrating year for me with Wipers. I caught a few at East canyon but have had my butt kicked at Willard.
As noted in a different post, the power squad is worse than ever this summer. I'm glad I was not in my kayak Friday night, I'm sure some happy wakeboard family would have run me over. I had 2 boats run within 20 yards of the shore just so I could see their pretty boats I guess.

Smoke 2, Out.

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