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Porcupine 8/6/17

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Porcupine 8/6/17
Hit the pig again today for kokanee. It took a little bit of experimenting to get dialed in but turned out to be a pretty good day. I started out trolling for the schools seen in the low to mid forties where I found them last week but after hooking up with four dinks I figured I better try a little deeper.
Went to the mid fifties and started catching mature fish.
Red Kokabow behind a pink Sling Blade at 50'-55' at 1.3 mph was what seemed to work the best. Three of the kokes were starting to show a little pink. Today was a mix of males and females where last week all were males and the week before females, beats me.
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Re: [amik] Porcupine 8/6/17 In reply to
Nice report thanks. J

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