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Swim jig questions

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Swim jig questions
You guys that fish swim jigs for bass what are some of your favorites and which ones would you recommend straying away from?
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Re: [redfrog] Swim jig questions In reply to
The term "Swim Jig" is often overused and under-defined. If you mean a jig with a swimbait attached or part of it, there are lots and lots, and they all work at some time.

Is the following something like what you are talking about?

As for what I don't like, I don't like Storm soft baits, and that is a shame. They look great, but the plastic is too stiff/hard for the action I want.

Now, if you want more detail, let us know and I bet the combined knowledge and experience will come forth from this site.

I like thin profile for Walleye and Trout, bulky profile for larger trout and LMB. Other then that, I admit, I tend to make my own so I have a difficult time giving you specific brands or models.
My bucket list has a hole in the bottom of the bucket.
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Re: [redfrog] Swim jig questions In reply to
  If it's the kind of swim jig I'm thinking of it's a flipping jig with a bullet head that makes it easier to swim through the water, brush, grass etc. Although it's a lot more versatile than just swimming through the water column. I like it to pitch into brush because I can drag it over the twigs easier.
I have Tubedude pour them for me and I make my own skirts that I order from
If you are going to buy them I would suggest Pepper Jigs or Rippin' Lips Baits and stay away from all of the others Smile

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Re: [redfrog] Swim jig questions In reply to
tubdude jugs and softs are the best. roadrunner are good too
image/jpeg Picture 283.jpg (1.79 MB)
image/jpeg Picture 284.jpg (1.84 MB)
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Re: [redfrog] Swim jig questions In reply to
With all the new manufacturers, designs and colors on the market these days it is tough to keep up with what is available.

Swim jig is a kind of generic term some guys use to denote shad type the old Sassy Shad or similar. But there are a lot of new round bodied plastics with the rounded paddle tail that are also lumped in as swim baits. In between or various fishy shapes with various tail designs.

All are designed to provide "thump" or vibration. For fish like bass and walleyes, with sensitive lateral lines, this vibration gets their attention and helps them zero in on the source of the commotion.

I still use a lot of "twister tail" plastics. But I also use a lot of the round bodied and shad bodied "paddle tail" type plastics too. Some good stuff on the market. One that has been working well for me is the CABELAS ACTION TAIL. Unlike some of the earlier shad bodied plastics it is soft and the tail makes a fuss even on the drop. Good stuff.

I buy some of the colors but I also buy plain pearl color and custom color my own.

I am attaching a chapter from my writeup on Jig Fishing that has some pictures and suggestions for how to fish the different styles of jigs. Hope it helps.

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Re: [redfrog] Swim jig questions In reply to
The first photo, "swimbait02," is a swimbait. the second photo, "swimjig," is a swimjig which you can attach a swimbait as a trailer or other plastic such as a crawfish trailer.

I've used Booyah and they seem pretty good. Caught some nice bass on them and they have good hooks and skirts. I just bought some Terminator swimjigs and the weed guards are very stiff so I had to cut out a couple strands to make them soft enough for a bass to compress. Haven't used them yet to verify that adjustment.

image/jpeg swimbait02.jpg (78.9 KB)
image/jpeg swimjig.jpg (157 KB)
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Re: [Anglinarcher] Swim jig questions In reply to
Looking more at the skirt style flippin jigs.

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