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Utah lake 8-06

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Utah lake 8-06
 Got to the lake really late about 11 a.m. Girlfriend and I went out and did ok for fishing in the middle of the day. We probably ended up with around twelve and they are all still in the lake. The water looked really good as I saw no green algae on the north shoreline I did cruise over to the west side and saw algae that had been pushed to the shore from wind/wave action. There were a few boaters out tubing and skiing. I didn't think I would be able to go out there again this year but we were ready to go after reading TubeDudes report last week about the toxicity of the lake being below warning standards, so thank you TubeDude for the report. Oh and no big ones were caught, some decent but no really big fish. If you have a desire to go to U.L. I wouldn't hesitate the fishin is good and the water looked fine. Hope you all have a great week!! John R
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Re: [Johnr] Utah lake 8-06 In reply to
Thanks for the report.
My bucket list has a hole in the bottom of the bucket.

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