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Rigging A Cigar Minnow For Casting!

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Rigging A Cigar Minnow For Casting!
I decided to try a new bait to see to see how it does in the field using my style of bait/surf casting. I'll show how i preserve the texture & what i look for when selecting the pieces. One of the pluses i've found is the elongated shape. Cut pieces are aerodynamic in shape and less air resistance means you can cast farther.

I've found cutting the bait in half is perfect for Circle Hook BKN#22 & up. Whole pieces works well with size BKN#28 & up. For sizes less then BKN#18 i cut the fish into thirds. I use Miracle Thread to tie the pieces to the hook. BKN are circle hooks that are factory off-set & will lock into the jaw extremely well. For casting baits i found these work the best for me. J-Hooks like VMC work as well but hooks in early (ie top of the inner mouth) and may not hold as well on larger fish.

This day i had a huge short-lived strike that demolished my shrimp in a bait bag (only the head was left). This was followed by 3 strikes using Cigar Minnows of which 1 was a foul hook & the other 2 may have been to small to swallow the baited rig. I like using this bait, i can cast farther then any other bait i've ever tried due to it's aerodynamic shape that has less air resistance. Also i cast using 50lb Jerry Brown braid which also cuts through the air better then monofilament.

I'll show how i rig, cast, and set my rigs in very rough terrain as well.

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