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Angling the rivers

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Angling the rivers
Haven't had much to report for a while. Sorry no camera, no pix.
But last weekend I didn't a little bopping about the rivers.

Hit a favored spot on the Bear, and love was on the line.
Pocket of bitty gills kept me entertained for a while. Light tackle, and those buggers will give ya a tug, and timing the set, they are quick to rob a hook.

Then a fat carp grabbed hold. Played that beast till he was tuckered enough, while I foraged for my pliers (forgot to bring a net!).

Had some other peckers nibbling, though mudcats. Nope, wee widdle channel kittens. Would have made smallest catch in the contest!

I was hoping for bass, crappie, and of course a walleye, but NOooooo. Tugs is tugs.

Next day stopped by the Blacksmith river, found a big hole, and visited with some feisty brown trouts that liked the wiggle of my curly tail. Sure are purdy fish.
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] Angling the rivers In reply to
Hey Yote, nice report.... Been a little tied up lately, so I'm just catching up... Been enjoying those little panfish myself... Hit a morning shift yesterday and found 8 little guys... best was 8.5", smallest was a 4.25" green sunfish... fun on a 3 WT though.. Nice to see ya fishing again.... Keep it up... Later J

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