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Palisade park

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Palisade park
So I took my family to palisade park for 2 there on Tuesday left Thursday.we got there around 10am too early to check in so we went into town for my toon inflated along with my floattube for my 2 we were able to check in.we rented a cabin's a very peaceful place and will be taking the fam back.about 4 we divided to hit the lake the kids swam and I went fishing.this was my 2nd time using my toon with my motor and even though I had a brand new battery I still used my other one first.the first time I took it out this battery only lasted 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs tops.but this time it lasted allot longer.I fished for about 2.5 hrs with nothing but I was still trying to figure out what to use.this was my first time trolling.the next morning I was up at 430 got my coffee sat outside enjoyed the stars and my coffee for about an HR looking threw my tackle and getting set up.530 took all my stuff down set it up and took my truck back to the wife all when her and the kids decided to hit the lake they could just on my way back, found out I didn't need my coffee because as I was w walking about 10 yards from me walked out this skunk.I booked my heart pumping and now I was awake for sure.about 6 with very little sun still but enough to see everything I was in the lake.I tried at first drowning a few worms while I was throwing a mouse pattern around the brush but no love.I did this for about an HR decided to change up.took the worm off pot I a silver fox and a gold fox and started trolling.seemed like a great idea fish on about 30 min into trolling.nothing big just a nice 10"planter .and divided what I caught was going I the grill that night because my wife and kids love my fish when I cook I was trolling come across a guy in a float tube had a little conversation with him asked how he was doing.he was throwing steamers and said he had about 4.then back to trolling.about 10 mins later another one on.this one was about 12".I fished till I saw my wife and kids pull up about 10.I had 1 more on got to the net and off it the battery I was using still read it was at about 80 percent .and I was like WHAT? last time this battery only lasted for maybe 2 hrs if that but here it's been 4 hrs and it's still charged.well I went had lunch with the fam and divided ill go again for just Little while though.I wanted to spend time with the fam and not just fish all the time.great choice I made.was out maybe 30 min and Wham I very nice 16" rainbow(all fish caught were rainbow, was really going for a tiger but no luck).but that was it fished for another HR with no luck.the next day I wasn't really planning on fishing seeing how we were leaving that day but I was up at 6 didn't want to wake the wife and kids so off I to the lake, parked the truck got out, walked around the back of the truck and ran back into the truck.that skunk again was now at the lake where I was trying to get to.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.I really didn't want to drive threw where ppl were sleeping seeing I was driving a diesel and three not to quite so I went just a little ways down and was able to get on the lake.this time I fished from about 7 to 930 and landed 4 nothing big just your usual 10 to 12"ers but missed allot of really good hits but no hook rods made allot of bendos but not hook was set.I had one almost time my rod out of the rod holder but still not hooked.oh well stl had a wonderful fam loved it and we will be back I just wish my son would have fished it with me but he said water was too cold so I didn't even bother to wake him to try.I do recommend if you want a nice place to take your fam then look up this place just watch out for skunks lol
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Re: [southernbass] Palisade park In reply to
Fished and camped there with my parents when I was a youngster. May be hard to believe, but in those days they would water ski on that small reservoir.

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Re: [kentofnsl] Palisade park In reply to
omg how that's really small lol