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No one greatest lure to catch pan fish

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No one greatest lure to catch pan fish

Seen the above? Note that none are curl tail or shad tail grubs or worms, not that neither can't catch pan fish. But this year confirmed it: thin tail or prong (rat) tail grub and worms with small paddles (especially the Slider) when rigged on light jigs, pretty much outcaught most lures - at least they had for me.

This year I discovered that when the bite gets really tough - like when pan fish strike short - there are two things I found solve the problem:
1. going down to a 1/32 oz jig from a 1/16 oz, can make a big difference in hook-up ratio.
2. shortening soft plastic lure even by 1/8" may get more hook-sets.

Now if the bite is fast & furious or even normal, 1/16 oz ball head jigs (unpainted always), tied on a 4# or 6# test fluorocarbon leader, most times of the year does fine.

Another lure I discovered by accident was Leland's Crappie Magnet grubs: - some of the double tail grubs with segments in the above pictures for example. I couldn't believe how well they work on four fish species - crappie , perch, sunfish, bass. But then I connected the dots and recently discovered why. Note the shape of the hand poured lure below:

Bullet shaped right?! Well the Crappie Magnet is the same shape except for the split in the tail. The Bullet Grub as I call it, I accidentally discovered four years ago and caught a bunch of fish on it first time out. I began to notice what happens to the lure with slight rod twitches and changes in a very slow retrieve speed. It shakes and wobbles. That's it!! Too bad I ordered about 150 of the Magnets in different colors. Heck, at least I don't have to pour more.

But as nice as the design is, recently it didn't catch fish until I shortened it by one segment and rigged it on a shorter #6 jig hook, downsized from #4 and a 1/32 oz jig head. Colder nights, cooler and murker water from over and inch of rain and dying suspended algae, have made conditions a bit tougher, though not by too much.

Except for the high wind and too many anglers on the lake on Labor Day, it was a nice day to fish. After catching only 32 fish, I got off due to the wind, (plus I didn't wan't to give my spots away.)

Hope some of the above is informative.
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