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finally got a pontoon, LOVE IT!

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finally got a pontoon, LOVE IT!
Thank you to everyone for the advise on this forum. I finally ordered a Colorado XT with a 36 lb thrust electric trolling motor from Amazon and have been out several times now. Over all, I LOVE IT! but like anything, I had to customize it and make it my own. Here are a few things I found:
  1. The weight of the battery when mounted in the rear basket along with me (even with the seat full forward) and the motor, tended to bury the back end, which made me very uncomfortable,felt like I was sinking and killed what little speed I had.
  2. I knew I needed a swivel seat With the original seat mount I could not really reach the tiller even with an extender to control the boat...was very awkward and uncomfortable.

I inadvertently solved both problems at once. I bought a swivel and I wanted a short pedestal but shortest I could find was 7" so I used that.

This gives me just enough clearance to mount my battery under the seat, which moves its weight and center of gravity to the center on the boat and solved my trim problem. I made a sturdy battery mount using a piece of regular deck board suspended from the frame with copper pipe hanging tape. The swivel gives me 360 turning and I can comfortably turn sideways to steer. The extra height is very comfortable and keeps all but feet dry, a real bonus

The decking worked so well, I added a piece under my feet which allows me to get on/off from a dock and one behind the seat for extra storage and a mounting platform which I will no doubt use for something in the future.

I am am a 61 year old lady. I wanted to be able to take my boat to an area and launch and retrieve it easily by myself, without help. A small utility flatbed trailer which I bought on Craigslist for $200 was the answer. Works great- float on-float off...super easy!

I don't fish, but if I did I think this with a few more mods would be super. I take nature and wildlife photos. This is the perfect platform for getting into the action! I wanted a small hobby boat without spending a lot. I have about $900 including boat, motor, battery, trailer and mods. I think it's a steal!

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Re: [toongirl] finally got a pontoon, LOVE IT! In reply to
Nice work. Well reasoned out to solve your early problems of weight distribution.

Hope your new ride provides many enjoyable and productive trips.

Anything else that has you still scratching your head?