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Bear river boat docks

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Bear river boat docks
I was wondering if any body knows of any where that you can launch a boat past the beson one on the bear river heading up towards Idaho
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Re: [fearfish] Bear river boat docks In reply to
There used to be a spot you could put canoes in, up in the Trenton area, but I'm not sure if it was public or not. I haven't been there personally just heard about it so I'm not a very good source. As you probably know the Amalga bridge is so low it strains most boats from going further up or down stream. However, they have really lowered the water level the last week or so, so you probably have an extra foot under that bridge now. Bad part is that many more shallow spots you'll need to avoid. Is your boat able to be hand launched (carried to waters edge) if so you can probably get on it. If you need a launch ramp you probably shouldn't try that area. Later J

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