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Big Bass Starting to put on the feed...

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Big Bass Starting to put on the feed sac!
Fall bass are just about getting ready to start putting on the feed sac!

Hit up a local lake to do some kayak fishing the last two weekends and had some good success. First day I caught a variety of sizes of bass on jigs, frogs, and spinnerbaits including one pig and even a bluegill on a spinnerbait!

The next weekend was a bit tougher conditions. Followed a cold front, wind picked up, and overall water temp was down about 12 degrees. Managed a few small bass early, and ended up catching a slob on a spinnerbait right before I was going to leave.

The bass only get bigger from here on out. Get out and chase some big fall bass.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever caught on a spinnerbait? Drop a comment below.

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