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Starvy hot? NOT! 10-18-17

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Starvy hot? NOT! 10-18-17
Weather forecrash was good for Starvy today and I had promised myself another shot at it before iceup. So gofish435 and I made a playdate for this morning. Shoulda stood in bed.

Bad start...kinda. Coming out of the faciities at the rest area just before reaching the lake I noticed a little black and white furry critter bounding toward me. EEEP. But 'twern't a skunk. It was a cute little black and white kitty cat that someone had probably either lost or deliberately left at the rest stop. Felt bad I had nothing to feed it and definitely wasn't up to a rescue on my way to a fishing trip. Anyhooters, I am more of a dog person than a cat person. Hope the little guy found someone nicer than me. And the karma of my kitty carelessness got me later.

Tom and I got launched by about 8...after a lovely sunrise over the lightly rippled water. Air temp was a chilly 36 (as forecast). Water temp at launch was 53...warming to almost 55 by the time I came in about noon...and absolute glass.

Don't know how many times I have spouted that the first key to a good fishing trip is to find fish. Never made it past that part today. Ran down two series 27 batteries on my electric motor looking all over Rabbit Gulch for fish...any fish. Never found more than a single here and a double there. No concentrations and none of them were really active. I had several light bumps from trout, hooked a couple and landed zero. Also had one fish that felt a lot like a small walleye about halfway in before he arranged his own release. My first skunk on Starvy since an ice fishing trip several years ago. I guess it serves me right for not taking better care of the little black and white kitty.

Tom did better. He cruised over a whole lot of Bunny Gulch today too...waving his fairy wand. But his karma was more positive and he got to play with several rainbows. And just as I was getting ready to go he announced on the walkie talkie that he had just landed a 14" walleye.

I might have fared better if I hadn't outsmarted myself. I fished all the places that have produced fish this time of year in the past...and today they gave me no love. In years past the fish start schooling up in deeper water...30-50 feet...out in the channels and off deep main lake points. Not today. I wasted a lot of time trying to produce good results when there were none to produce. Insanity.

Tom started in some deeper spots but quickly moved into the shallower end of the Gulch and found some willing wainbows in water less than 20 feet deep. That is where I got most of the inquiries I got today...but the fish were all wimps...or inexperienced. No decisive chomps and then they couldn't hang on.

We couldn't have asked for a nicer day though. Can't recall many days on Starvy in which that four letter word beginning with W has not been a factor. And it is always a pleasure sharing the water with Tom. He is a class act.

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Re: [TubeDude] Starvy hot? NOT! 10-18-17 In reply to
Thanks for getting me out today, Pat.

It's too bad the fish didn't get the memo that it was a play day.

The fish were scattered and I never could find anymore than a few fish together at one time. Afternoon I happened to go over some fish in 18' - 22' and managed to pick up a couple of smallmouth and had one other good sized fish on. They all seem to be good sized when they get off.Wink

It was a gorgeous day for the 18th of October and like you said, no wind. I left about 2:30 and there was still only a slight breeze.

It's always fun to share the water with you even if it wasn't very productive. I always pick up a few new jokes.Smile
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Re: [TubeDude] Starvy hot? NOT! 10-18-17 In reply to
Sounds like a tough day on the pond but at least you guys got out and the weather co-operated.
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Re: [fish_fear_me2] Starvy hot? NOT! 10-18-17 In reply to
Yeah, as we grow older we become more philosophical. That allows us to pretend it was a great trip even if we get skunked.

Seriously, I always enjoy my fishing...even when the fishing is not as nice as the weather.

Got to thinking though. Until recent years, Starvy had the reputation of becoming unfishable after the cold weather hit. The fish seemed to disappear so some unknown place in the lake and NOBODY was able to figure them out. Then, a few years ago, more guys with good sonar and a bit of knowledge began to check out the whole lake more thoroughly. And once the better locations and tactics became known it has produced much better...both in late fall and through the ice.

I limited myself to fishing one area yesterday...for only a few hours. If I had a boat with good electronics I could have covered more areas to search out the fish and find some active ones. There are plenty of fish in the lake...for those who put in the time and effort to find them.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

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Re: [gofish435] Starvy hot? NOT! 10-18-17 In reply to
Thank you for the picture of "the dude". It showed me the water level and the shore line where I can launch my aluminum boat. I think the winter access will be good, but we do go for the fish.😕 hope thats gets better.
I was up Diamond fork, wanted to go before the deer hunter swarm. Beautiful day!!
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Re: [doitall5000] Starvy hot? NOT! 10-18-17 In reply to
Is it just me or does it seem like Starvation has been slower than normal lately
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Re: [utduckhunter2] Starvy hot? NOT! 10-18-17 In reply to
Starvation is definitely not the lake it was from about 2006 to 2012. My fishing log entries show most trips accounting for upwards of 100 14"...and many walleye scores of 30 or more fish per day. Of course, a lot were "seegars" and underfooters but plenty of teen-inchers and a lot over 20 inches. I can usually cull a limit of good eaters.

Perch took a nosedive in 2013 and their numbers have been slow in recovering. The other species that rely on baby perch in their menu have shown a similar reduction in numbers and sizes.

Chubs are all gone now. Haven't caught or seen one for several years. The rainbows have done well and provide good fishing for more anglers. A lot of fisherfolk fish Starvy just for trout...not even bothering with the perch, bass and walleyes. Plus, the power squadron has gotten almost as ridiculous as Deer Creek during the summer.

This past year was marginal at best. A few anglers did well sporadically but there were no prolonged "runs" of any species. The one possible exception might be the large numbers of small walleyes. They bode well for the future if they can get enough to eat. And there are a few larger walleyes but they do not show up as often.

Fishing was good for all species through September. But once the October cool off came through the success rates did take a nosedive. If you could find the fish you could still catch a few. But there were more anglers who did poorly than those who loaded up.

My rule of thumb for Starvation has long been related to the change of the leaves in the canyon. It is usually pretty good until the leaves start to change. Then it slows down and by the time the colors are are the fish. They are still there but deeper...with perch and walleye sometimes dropping into 60 feet or more.

Yes, it has declined recently. But no more than a lot of other years. But when it starts from a lower point the decrease is that much worse.