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Fighting A Stingray!

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Fighting A Stingray!
Eagle Nose Stingray Caught On Live Crab!

There was suppose to be thunderstorms all over the islands today, but that was pushed back to tomorrow. So i went to Chocolate Beach at West Loch to finish shooting stock videos for several current video projects. There i met My Eric Gima, a local angler who seemed extremely knowledgeable on local fishing conditions. He knew about the successful use of baiting live crab in that area. His methods nearly mirrored my own (and he doesn't watch YouTube & didn't know who i was).

After chatting for awhile i noticed 2 heavy fast hard pulls on his smaller inside rig (Eric's back was facing the rigs). As soon as i yelled the reel started screaming! The rod was a 10' Bluefin from Walmart. The reel was a vintage Penn SS750 filled with 25lb monofilament line (in my estimation one of the very best spinners to ever hit the market). The 13min battle ended with Eric releasing the Ray unharmed.