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Joe's Valley 11-16.. report.

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Joe's Valley 11-16.. report.
joe's Valley yesterday. seeing the weather forecast for the next week or so it looked like that might be the best spot to try and spend the fishing with out a lot of wind.. we got to the lake around 8;20 ish fishing not long after.. started out with a 6 inch custom jointed Rainbow on one and a big 14 inch custom rainbow on the other pole.. Dave started out with some refinished custom chub minnows i painted for him last year.. about 20 min's in i hit a nice 20 inch splake looked really rough lol.. then about 10 min's later i got hit again had it on for about 10 sec's and gone darn.. well about now we are getting to the rocky point we wanted to throw some swim baits and spinner baits on and the water is dead so we start casting all around the rocky points for the next 2 hours see about 4 or 5 trout fallow our baits in but not a Musky at all so started trolling again.. by now the wind had started out the canyon and it was really cold so we stayed away from the dam for the most of the day.. trolling had slowed down but we did pick up a cutthroat hear and there through out the day. right as the sun went down at 4:10 it got a lot colder so headed back i hit into a nice one after about 8 min's we got it in a 4.2 Cutthroat on the same custom rainbow i been pulling around all day.. it was the big winner of the day.. on a side note i picked up some cheap side planers in red bluff Ca last week and we were playing with them the last part of the day was educational to say the least.. lol we had a fun trip and yes we both caught a fish on the side planer yesterday..


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Re: [fuzzyfisher] Joe's Valley 11-16.. report. In reply to
Cool report.

Is this accessible during the winter? By truck?
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Re: [JJ-fisher] Joe's Valley 11-16.. report. In reply to
   Joes valley is accessable all year even with a small car from orangevill in emery county. Roads are paved and plowed