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How Tough Is Bill Newton's Hammer Bombs For Casting?

For today's fishing video i chose to use a Shimano Twin Power SW5000XG spinning reel on a 11ft Daiwa Coastal Salt Pro casting rod.

Back in the day we used to drill a golf ball to screw in a I-Bolt so we could spin cast "whip" the shallow reefs for Trevally without snagging the reef. Thanks to inventor Bill Newton of Ewa Beach Buy & Sell we know have the "INDESTRUCTIBLE" Hammer Bomb. These resin balls have withstood the blows of hammers while being tested before being sold to the public. I went a step further & severely abused these balls by casting them into waves crashing on shallow reef benches to being whiplashed into lava boulders & shoreline coral outcrops all day long.

The results? The Hammer Bomb only showed dings & scratches. No fractures or serious damage could be detected. Recently a fisherman from another island told me he didn't want to give the HB a try because of the harsh reef conditions of where he fishes. So i went to an area that mimics the conditions he fishes in to see if these resin balls could & can take extreme punishment. Guess what? The Hammer Bombs did. After "bombing" the heck out of these rough areas i went home to ice down my sore arm & shoulder. I always believed in HB & after testing them myself in the field i'm even more stocked on how truly indestructible they are!

The HB can be combined with your favorite plugging/casting rig to fish almost every type of topography & depth. So far i've fished shallow reefs without getting snagged to dirty muddy bottoms. With the Flash Bombs you can attract predator fish at night and actually see where you're fishing in the darkness of night. There's an assortment of colors & weight to choose from. Much better then the golf balls w/the I-Bolt drilled in when we were kids. Will not crack like the bubble floats, as the name implies if you took a hammer to these balls they won't crack. You can even bounce them off the rocks as i've done:)