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Monster Mangrove Sanppers Caught...

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Monster Mangrove Sanppers Caught Inshore From Yak
Took the kayak out a couple of days ago in search of Snapper and Sheepshead, and boy did we find them!!!!!! Ended up getting on a nice spot with MONSTER Snapper. These were by far the biggest Mangroves I've seen or caught!!! Did see a lot of Sheepshead as well but we weren't really prepared for them. Got broke off many times by them sadly :( Ended the day with 5 Stud Snapper and a solid Sheepshead! Ill leave a link to the Action below if any of you anglers wanna check it out!!!!! Let me know what y'all think about the size of those Mangroves!! Keep on fishing everybody and stay safe! -Kaleb


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