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Elk stampede/Hardware Ranch 2015

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Elk stampede/Hardware Ranch 2015
While trying out my new Nikon P900 camera, I went up to Hardware Ranch Wildlife Management Area near Hyrum, Utah in 2015. After many ho-hum photos of the elk lying down in the pasture, I was about to leave when I noticed the feed wagon entering the area. Hoping to get some reaction on video, I was totally surprised at what happened as elk in the surrounding hills realized that the feed wagon was delivering lunch.
This happened to be one of the days that the ranch wasn't operating the horse drawn wagons for public viewing. They have wagon rides four days a week though out the winter that takes people into the pasture for up close viewing. A small charge of about $5 in charged for the wagon ride. The wind was blowing creating a lot of noise for the video. sorry about that.

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Re: [BURLEY] Elk stampede/Hardware Ranch 2015 In reply to
Looks like there were far more elk than there was food for them to eat.

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Re: [kentofnsl] Elk stampede/Hardware Ranch 2015 In reply to
It was a heavy snowfall that year and brought in extra elk into the area. The management seems to know how to ration out their feed quite well. Perhaps the rush down the hill is because of a limited supply or maybe just crowd mentality. LOL Either way it was an amazing sight to behold and I felt lucky to have my camera to film it from the start.