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Wader suggestions

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Wader suggestions

Waded for many years now, always used neoprene waders. They seem to wear out a little faster than i would like. Any suggestions on some new waders, looked into simms seems to be more durable.

Seen the neoprene scratch/ cut open too much from minor contact with a rock/barnicle/shell. Also use everlast wade boots with the rayguards, had them for 2 months and they look like they went through a war.

Most of the seems are coming undone, plastic is slipping out and buckles are worn out too. I do wade alot (goal 4-5 times a week) and cover lots of area, need durability. Any suggestions help! Thank you all in advance.


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Re: [alexramsey] Wader suggestions In reply to
Welcome to the site, I see you are from, Viet Nam, Thai Nguyen. What kind of fish do you catch in your Country.

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Re: [wiperhunter2] Wader suggestions In reply to
Im travelling in Vietnam and don't see many sports fishermen in Vietnam, if any at all. You might get lucky to go out in a small vessel and lure some squid, but that's hardly sports fishing. The fishermen here fish for a living not for fun.