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Lonetree; an obituary

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Lonetree; an obituary
It sounds like Lonetree has been completely removed from the game. I heard the fish recovery has been going on for awhile now. It sounds bleak at best for those who wanted one last nice trip there, kind of thought it would be left alone til next year.
The situation, if you haven't heard, was a annexation of property around that area followed by a quiet takeover of the rights to the State Wildlife Area itself. The golf course that was instantly added to the southeast side of the lake and million dollar houses (popping up like weeds) says it all. Seemed to me a perfect microcosm of nazi tactics, be quiet, lie and steal. All to add taxes a useless mockery of a town called Berthoud.
My biggest concern is that it was more important to wildlife than me. The leopard frog is about to be added to the list of endangered species and they thrived there, as well as nesting zones for protected birds. Think about the effect of lost habitat and chemicals from acres of grass being added alone.
But its all worth it right? Its going to look pretty and be quiet for the golfers and those new home owners.

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Re: [willami] Lonetree; an obituary In reply to
Well that's too bad but not surprising, those with the money always seem to get what they want, even if it's at the expense of others. Will it still be open to ice fishing this Winter?

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Re: [wiperhunter2] Lonetree; an obituary In reply to
The first time I went ice fishing I took a dull auger from a garage sale and went to lonetree, by myself/secluded. I listened to a audio book to pass the time, in the book a character went through some ice while describing floating down and loosing consciousness (an ogre in zanth, florida I think).
I've fallen through ice there and spent a hundred hours icefishing without a bite there but it was also the setting for the most rewarding and happy memories of my life. Sadly I just started to enjoy and appreciate it.
I wouldn't fish it period and its not capable of producing anything but carp or baitfish, probably forever now.
If someone wanted to it should be open but I suspect they'll gate it off and take the signs down to put up no trespassing signs in their place, probably next fishing season, or when the lease expires.
Hopefully the golf course fails to prosper and people don't move in because of the explosion of rabbits with tularemia..

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