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Had fun on the water

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Had fun on the water
Not very big lm bass but still had a nice time on the water with my buddy in Nov. We started at 4 pm and fished until it got dark. Several bass bites my frog lures only 4 landed successfully.
Lures I used: Runcl topwater frog tackle box.
Anyone love bass fishing though its getting cold? We can discuss below.
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Re: [lawrence996] Had fun on the water In reply to
Welcome to the site lawrence996. Can't really say I've caught many bass while ice fishing but that's about the only bass fishing I'll be doing for next few months. Sounds like you did pretty good catching 4 this time of the year but I bet it's warmer there than it is here in Utah.

BFT administrator and moderator
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Had fun on the water In reply to
It's cold now. I caught these in Nov. Now the water will turn to be ice. And I'm not a fan of the cold and never planned to ice fishing. When the ice is gone I will do bass fishing it's usually in Feb.

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