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Scuba Chris Videos-3yrs Latter!

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Scuba Chris Videos-3yrs Latter!
3yrs Of Making Fishing Videos On YouTube!

This collage of pictures & short videos represents part of my 3yrs of shooting & editing fishing videos in Hawaii. It's been fun with a lot of work & travel time. I put in +50,000 miles going to filming locations, 100's of hours spent researching & preparing my gear, and devoting myself financially & emotionally to push myself getting up at 1am to investing most of my meager budget to purchase my needs.

Along the way i made a lot of friends & learned a lot about fishing & myself. Most of my life i've been a commercial diver/fisherman & photographer. I've traveled the world diving & giving lectures most of my life. Thanks to guidance from my friend Joe Olivas of Kauai i purchase a few video action cams & had to re-educate myself on the advances made in "boatless" shoreline fishing. I retired my boats & trolling/spearing/netting/diving gear for a pair of tabis & a sturdy backpack & started fishing from shore.

I used most of the popular fishing gear out there from Shimano to Daiwa, Okuma, Penn & Abu Garcia. Shoreline fishing requires finesse that differs from boating. After 3yrs i'm still learning. Along with Mr Olivas, Mr Wayne Akagi & Wayne Choy provided me much needed tutelage on night angling. I found a new challenge. In the 70's i used custom wrapped fiberglassed Sabre rods with Penn Jigmasters & extended Jigs. I was totally into GT's then. But after nearly 20 fish i found it kinda boring. Targeting smaller species proved to be more challenging.

So i looked through the few pics i haven't erased yet and put together a sampling of the fish i caught to the localities and equipment used. I first started using the free YouTube editor. After YouTube announced that they were going to retire that free service i tried WeVideo. But that editing program raised their rates by 40% on me this week so now trying iMovie that came with my Mac Book. This anniversary video was made using iMovie. Surprisingly i used it without learning it first. My time using WeVideo made iMovie look easy.

I'm still here on YouTube because of you, everyone out there kept me going. Thanks for watching my videos & subscribing to my YouTube channel Scuba Chris Videos. Happy Holidays:)