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Windy Walleye with the Kiddos

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Windy Walleye with the Kiddos
Walleye fishing in Alberta has become somewhat like the perch fishing days of old. There are so many of them with the restrictive regulations and mandatory catch and release that they are eating themselves out of house and home. What used to be a challenging fishery is now a fish after fish fishery. The kids stay entertained easily while fishing for the plentiful and aggressive species. As much as the kids like it I still think we need to have a change in the fishery. Far too many of an apex predator collapse a fishery while fisheries biologists somehow think the walleye populations are at risk. The only thing they're at risk of is starving to death when they should be managed sustainably.
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Re: [Calicanuck] Windy Walleye with the Kiddos In reply to
looks like the kind of catching most people can only dream of but you are right, at some point, if you can't keep any or very few, they will stunt and the fishery will not work. What is the limit there?

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