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Willard - Colored Bottom Bouncers?

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Willard - Colored Bottom Bouncers?
Hi Willard Fishing Folks -
I have a question about bottom bouncer rigs. I have seen the typical bottom bouncing rig with the lead weight on the wire, but the weight is colored in different bright colors. This was mostly used for Walleye fishing. I am thinking of using bottom bouncers for both Walleye and Wipers at times. Are there some general rules of thumb with the colors verses just the grey led weight? Do the colors really help attract fish or scare them off? Do Wipers get attracted to them as much as Walleye? P.S. How long should the leader be from bouncer to lure? Thx.
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Re: [Optimizer] Willard - Colored Bottom Bouncers? In reply to
Colored bottom bouncer weights are a subjective subject. A matter of opinion between those who use them...and those who don't. Some believe that the colors are better at catching fishermen than fish.

Plenty of wipers, walleyes, cats, smallmouth and crappies are caught on bottom bouncer rigs and crawlers by guys who use plain old lead weights on their bottom bouncer rigs. But when the water is cold and/or murky some extra color may entice fish to move in better than "plain vanilla". On other days, with clear water and bright sun, the hot colors may be more of a deterrent. On any given day you need to do your own experimenting.

Leader length is also largely a matter of personal preference. Some use 2-3 feet. Others a bit longer. Some of the consideration is whether or not you are using floating attractor beads with the spinner. The lighter the spinner/crawler setup the longer the leader you can use and still keep your terminal rig up off the bottom.

Fire up your search engine and look for some videos on rigging bottom bouncers and crawler rigs. You will see a lot of options. Not all right and not all wrong. But you will get a better idea of what you can try to find your own fave setups.

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Re: [TubeDude] Willard - Colored Bottom Bouncers? In reply to
Thanks for the advice. I will do some research.