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Ice fishing at Rockport

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Ice fishing at Rockport
Hi everyone.

I haven't done any ice fishing at Rockport for a number of years. Any update on ice conditions and location of safe ice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Re: [eternalstudent] Ice fishing at Rockport In reply to
Did another 'drive by' on Sunday for a look....probably only good ice is where we saw some holes drilled, all by the dam....nobody there, but you could see footprints leading to the holes where anglers had been....saw no holes anywhere around rest of res. and one guy casting/bank fishing in open water along marina side of res.......Don't hold your breath, but who knows, maybe we'll get a blast of cold weather like back East....Guluk...
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Re: [Jmorfish] Ice fishing at Rockport In reply to
Was there today . No safe ice ! KEEP OFF . Maybe Be Safe !! with some cold weather coming in this weekend things will change. Darn !!! Different year ! Was hoping to be on the lake by now !

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