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SC Marina?

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SC Marina?
Has anyone been in to the Soldier Creek marina? Is the lake frozen there? Any reports on Soldier Creek at all? Thanks in advance guys and gals.
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Re: [brookie] SC Marina? In reply to
A buddy of mine fished there last weekend and it was safe ice then.

However thatís a long walk as they donít plow the roads on that side of the lake.
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Re: [brookie] SC Marina? In reply to
Well I decided to give SC a go this morning. Arrived at 0700 to find skim ice out a ways from the boat ramp with open water and geese beyond that. Decided to go back and give Strawberry bay a try.

Fished north of the Strawberry bay boat ramp from 12' to 50' (everything in between) no fish were harmed today. Only one bite.

It was a beautiful day, sunny with no wind. Temps started at 9* and it was 44* when we left. The ice is in great shape - all the slush has frozen up - so at least 6" of good ice. There is one monster pressure ridge right down from the lodge, but you can easily skirt around it. We were the only two that I saw on the ice until we left, there was one snow machine down on the ice to the west of the parking lot.

I went back to SC marina before coming home and took the photos below. The last is from the campground loop to the south, looking east toward the dam. Most of the water is capped there, but very thin.

The road in was snow packed but not difficult in a 4WD. That may change by the weekend.
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Re: [WingNutt] SC Marina? In reply to
Thanks WN for your report. I suspect your buddy was at the boat ramp down by the SC dam. I did not drive down there but the road looked as if you could at least go a ways. I could not see open water from highway 40 there at the turnoff to the dam, and there was 1 red ice hut down on the ice. I was more interested in the main SC marina on the west side and as you can see, that was not fish-able yet.

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