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Building Confidence with New Baits

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Building Confidence with New Baits
I feel that as anglers we sometimes get "hooked" on our go to confidence baits. I know that I have spent the whole day throwing the same baits without success...because I feel comfortable with them. My New Year resolution was to use more baits that I lack confidence in...and grow my techniques and presentations. I was rewarded on this trip with a chunky 5+ pound bass.
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Re: [1Cast1Fish] Building Confidence with New Baits In reply to
Confidence in any lure is more than half the battle (no pun intended). I'm fortunate in being able to craft soft plastic lures, test them and then document with a digital camera which designs work best and more times of year.
The problem with many lures is knowing when to use them and with which or how many presentations.

Knowing fish activity level and at which depth they are, are key for my lure choices. But as you said, anyone can get locked in to using certain lures a certain way and using them too often for various conditions such as seasonality and weather changes.

Without a fishing partner who is lure-versatile, it's a slow process to be able to learn the above, which is why fishing with a club does pay off with an accelerated learning curve. When I first fished tournaments, I didn't care if I placed, but only that I saw fellow anglers catch fish on lures I had no clue could catch bass.

Good luck.
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Re: [SenkoSam] Building Confidence with New Baits In reply to
Some great tips and definitely got to pay attention to what others are throwing with success. You also need to be able to adapt and learn new techniques and presentations to be successful.