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Whitefish on the Jaw Jacker

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Whitefish on the Jaw Jacker

This was from early ice fishing for whites. Walked out on about 8 to 9 inches of ice and had whites swimming through all day long right under the ice. They were inhaling little slender spoons and wetaskawin specials but we were missing all the hook sets. I don't understand how a fish inhales a spoon, you swing and not even a little hook up. Hooked a couple that got off at the hole.

This is our only hook up of the day. We missed so many strikes on our hand lines it was really frustrating. But the Jaw Jacker didn't let us down and after my dad and I left the I our buddy ended up catching two more big whites. Hope you enjoy this short video and that it gives you one more idea of what you can do with your jaw jacker. Good Luck.

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