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Hi everyone, obviously Iím a new member. I joined this forum because Iíll be making a trip to the park city area over Christmas this year, Iíve never been to Utah before so Iím searching for any and all info I can find for FlyFishing the surroundings area. Iíll definitely be paying attention to post about the area and river reports. Look forward to communicating with as many of you guys as possible.
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Re: [Howieb] Hi In reply to
From Park City You have 2 rivers within a half hour of you. Provo and Weber rivers. I'm more of a spinner and lure fisherman so I'm not sure of what flies work best at that time of year but I'm sure many others will help you between now and then. Enjoy your stay and good luck!!
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Re: [Howieb] Hi In reply to
Hi Howard,

Yep, the Provo and Weber Rivers are very high rated.

But, you might also want to fly fish mountain streams of the area. I've fished Big Cottonwood Canyon mountain stream for trout with Renegade flies which worked best and even better than my beautiful #22 ants which became my specialty (what were the fish thinking!).

I haven't fly fished or fly tied for way over ten years because I'm always changing and learning new styles, equipment and techniques. But, I'm with you in taking advantage of what a place has to offer. If you've fished rivers before, but aren't often in the mountains, then you might want to fish the mountain streams.

Ronald :)

Let's go fishing! I prefer to fish with others. I'm well equipped with plenty to share and have a vehicle with amazing off road capabilities to get us to even hard to reach fishing destinations. Let's team up! Private Message me to suggest I come to where you're fishing or plan a trip with me!

be prepared, be very prepared

Don't become a Zombie in The Great Collapse!

I'm using my BFT profile (revised 8/18/2018) as my personal dating website and posting my latest date invitations to single young BFT fisherladies with courage enough to put a worm on a hook. Movie dinner date proposal: Luxury recliner seat tickets for "Pandas," "Mile 22" and "The MEG" on Tuesday, August 21 at Jordan Commons in Sandy and let's go water skiing for some cool fun on these hot days (Air Chair - see photograph in my profile) or off-roading with fishing and looking at dinosaur footprints (or what's left of them) this weekend!

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