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Spring charters

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Spring charters
Hi all,
I'll be visiting LA from the Salt Lake City area in March 2018, what fish can I expect to catch if we were to hire a charter?
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Re: [ReelMasta] Spring charters In reply to
Hi and thank you for your post.

Each landing will generally target some common fish and some exotics for the season.

If you are going on an overnight charter, you could expect to go for some Yellow Tail, Halibut and even some Tuna if they are in the area.

Other than that, March is the opening of Rockfish (Ocean type) season.

Be prepared with a few different rigs of different weights.

Lightweight, 12lb for inshore species, 20lb for intermediate and a 30 to 40lb rig for Palaegics.

Let me know if you need some rigging tips.

Do you know which boat or which landing you are going out of?

Some of the better captains are at 22nd St landing, Pierpoint Landing and LA Harbor Sportfishing. Marina Del Rey has some good boats too. Berth 55 is the total budget and ghetto boats.

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Re: [tubeN2] Spring charters In reply to
Thanks for the info, we have not decided exactly what we're going to do, simply looking at the options.
I think we will at least do an overnighter as I would love, love, love... to hook into a tuna.

I think while the kids and grandkids play at D. Land, I'm going to do some fishing with the wife for the week we are there.
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Re: [tubeN2] Spring charters In reply to
Ok we've nailed down March 6-13th. We're doing a Twilight 5 hour charter on Saturday night the 10th. Since we're not bringing any gear I think I rent from the charter, is that correct?
Next ... what's our best bet for some real fish? The wife and I fish off of our 20' Trophy all year and would love to bring home a tuna or halibut.

Any thoughts LA?

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Re: [ReelMasta] Spring charters In reply to
Hi I'm also from salt lake city and I will be in San Diego from the 4th to the 13th.i wish I could do a trip like yours but I'll be taking my son with me on a 1/2 day trip for some deep sea fishing then that night I'm going for lobster. I would love to hook into a tuna but I am just happy to go fishing out there. after your trip please post how it went and take pics please as i love to see the pics and post on the Utah board to please. I will also be taking pics and post it on the Utah board to. Good luck and i hope you get in to the tuna. I'm hoping to catch the walleye run at Willard when I get back.

Good luck
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