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Lake Mead this weekend

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Lake Mead this weekend
Hello all,
The wife and I are planning to take a camping - kayak fishing trip to Lake Mead this weekend. This will be our first visit and would welcome a little input.
We were thinking about the campground at echo bay but are open to suggestions. I have no idea whatís what down there and any help is much appreciated. The fish I wish to target are bass, striped or otherwise.

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Re: [amik] Lake Mead this weekend In reply to
The campground at Echo is a ways from the water now, about a mile, used to be right below the camp ground when the water was high. If you need the "facilities" then you're stuck to the camp ground.

I have boat camped on Mead many times, and there are places up by Stewart's Point where you can drive down to the lake, and camp.

I always get away from roads while boat camping at Mead as you never know what type of yokel you'll run into out there. Stewart's Point is far enough from Vegas that you shouldn't have a problem. Google earth it.

Willow Beach is a great place, if you haven't been there before. Camping isn't at the water's edge, but they have good facilities. Trout, stripers, and smallmouth bass down there. Need to check reservations on camping there, seems like a busy camp ground, where as Echo has been a ghost town when I've passed by it the last couple of years.
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Re: [fishrdan] Lake Mead this weekend In reply to
Thanks for the info Dan. Iíll give check and see if we can reserve a site at Willow Beach. Echo looked high and dry on google earth.