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Willard Wipers?

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Willard Wipers?
Hey Willard Fishing Folks - If I was to go out float tubing for wipers at Willard in the next 5 days, where I would I most likely find them? thx.
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Re: [Optimizer] Willard Wipers? In reply to
If I knew, I would be fishing them myself.

Seriously, until the water warms a few degrees the wipers are not likely to be active anywhere around the lake.

But by about mid April I usually begin finding a few out of the south marina in my float tube. The area right outside the channel entrance often has a few. And if you work on down the rock dikes going north from the entrance you will sometimes find some.

I like to drag a minnow on one rod and pitch plastics with the other. 3" white or chartreuse plastics will start catching both walleyes and wipers about this time. And the minnow will catch cats, wipers and walleyes.

Good luck if you get out. I'm about ready to hit it myself.

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Re: [Optimizer] Willard Wipers? In reply to
As always the Tube dude knows, the ledge that I have talked about before runs parallel to the dike from there all the way into Freeway Bay in my post from two years ago in March when I caught a bunch of wipers it was off of the hog farm on that line. As soon as the weather lines up with a day I am available I will send you a message and we can give it a go.
May the fish be with you
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Re: [TubeDude] Willard Wipers? In reply to
Hey TD -
In your writings you mentioned that during this time of year on calm sunny days the shallows of the north dike may be good, or the shallows of the North Marina (if high water). At what point would these locations become a first try for you over your preferred South Marina channel and East Dike? Also, above what water temp do you start fishing for Wipers? (45? 50?). I see that about a week ago Willard waters were about 40 degrees. I am also wondering when the inlet waters start flowing into the South Marina? Thx
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Re: [Optimizer] Willard Wipers? In reply to
I generally try to plan my trips for a time when there has been at least two to three days of calm weather. This time of year that should include water warming in the sun. In late afternoon sun-warmed waters it is not uncommon to be able to walk the dikes and look down in south-facing shoreline waters and see fish just "hanging out" and absorbing the sun's rays through shallow water. If they get warm enough to make them more active you can catch them. But often it is frustrating to see them but not to be able to get them to bite.

Walleyes are "cold water" fish and will begin to get active when the water reaches the mid 40's...first feeding and then spawning. Wipers, on the other hand, are much less active in water below 60 degrees. They will bite bait and slowly presented lures before then, but don't really start aggressively feeding until above 60. 70 to 75 degrees is a magic zone for them.

There has been some water flowing over the baffles at the canal inlet at the south and on...for some time. But with the poor snowpack year they are not releasing a lot of water yet from Echo. In years of greater water the inlet can be running heavily by now. If we continue to get more rain and snow...and Echo fills...we will see more water in Willard. The good news is that it is already a lot higher than it was a couple of years ago at this time. It remained high last year so we are starting out better this year.

Here is what the baffles coming into the inlet canal look like when they are dumping water into Willard.

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