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Big Northern Pike and Walleye

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Big Northern Pike and Walleye

Big Northern Pike and Walleye are great Predatory fish to target in the winter. Often relating to shallow water structures in morning and evening and if you are lucky they'll hang around all day. This lake in Northern Alberta has been one of our favorites for many years and we always have good luck catching fish here. Well worth the drive for people wondering where to ice fish. Go 3+ hours north of the city of Edmonton and hit any of the big blue spots you see on the map. They all hold fish and some really big fish as well. This day was like any other. We found the same structure where I had caught my 42 inch pike a previous year and set up shop. The pike were coming through anywhere from 5 feet of water up on the flat down to the 17 foot level at the foot of the drop. They seemed to change their position through the day and varying your tip up depths made a huge difference in flag numbers. Keep that in mind and punch multiple lines of holes over a piece of structure early in the day to avoid continuing to punch throughout the day if you can manage. Tip ups and big herring were the recipe for today but got a few on the slender spoons as well and one really nice walleye as the sun went down. Got to love that last light bite when it happens.
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Re: [Calicanuck] Big Northern Pike and Walleye In reply to
I haven't tried Ice fishing before and I want to try it. It looks exciting and will be a new experience for me.

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