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Learn SALTWATER Pier Fly Fishing &...

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Learn SALTWATER Pier Fly Fishing & THOUGHTS on a HOT Summer Night

Learn SALTWATER Pier Fly Fishing & THOUGHTS on a HOT Summer Night
. Looking back at old fishing video from the past year and thought I would share some thought along with some fishing. In this one I keep it SIMPLE as I always try to do. Look and listen for reoccurring themes which can be applied to any and all aspects of fishing. Some key points to take out of the video are below. I am happy to share my experiences with all those around the world and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

1. Your local pier is a great place to fish
2. Bait, bait, bait! Always look for bait
3. Always try new things especially when fly fishing - New lines, flies, tackle, styles, places, depths, anything new is good!
4. I heavily depend on deceiver, half & half and clouser flies
5. Use appropriate leader - heavy for a fast toothy bite and light for a slow light bite
6. Landing fish on your pier can be spot specific so learn the structure well
7. Your pier is a great place to learn how to fly cast. It is always easier up in the air
8. Fly fishing strategy can be applied anywhere!

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