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Deer Creek 4/5

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Deer Creek 4/5
Skunk is still on the boat.

water temp was about 42 - looked for eyes along the dam, was probably in too close. marked stacks of fish in around 23-27 ft of water, but were not in the right part of the column to be walleyes this time of year.

Threw tequila sunrise triple thread grubs for an hour, broke out the down riggers on the way back with squids and dodgers.

anyways, good luck out there.
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Re: [Uncle_Arnie] Deer Creek 4/5 In reply to
Thanks for posting your report, too bad the catching wasn't better, hopefully next time. The last time I was there the catching seemed to be better for those fishing the inlet area and the center of the lake.

BFT administrator and moderator
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Re: [Uncle_Arnie] Deer Creek 4/5 In reply to
I caught one walleye today in the float tube on Deer Creek. 22 inch male walleye found on a rocky shoreline in shallow water. I think they are making there way to the shallows. Jerk bait was the ticket. Im usually throwing jigs too, but another post had sparked my interest in jerk bait fishing. I hope you werent inside the buoys at the dam, that is a big no no to the feds.

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