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Big game carp near Boise?

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Big game carp near Boise?
Hello, I'm a big game fisherman and have caught endless amounts of Sturgeon. While I love catching dinos, I find myself looking for the next best thing. Monster carp...I usually fish Swan, Strike or Steck. These are pretty decent at times but need more options. If anyone knows of lakes or areas of the river that consistantly holds carp in the 20lb+ range, I would greatly appreciate any tips or info. Must be shore accessible as I dont have a boat. I have some killer spots and tips for catching monster sturgeon. Maybe we could trade tips! Lol...Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon!
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Re: [carphunter71] Big game carp near Boise? In reply to
It's a bit more fun imo with a boat and a bow in your hand..... check out the Idaho Bowfishing Association. Also Brownlee and CJ are your best bets for giant carp. We consistently have #30lbers as our big fish for both day's of our tournaments at both place's. Good luck,
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Re: [Duck-Slayer] Big game carp near Boise? In reply to
Thanks Matt. I've been wanting to check out Brownlee. Now I have incentive...Regarding CJ, are you referring to above the dam or below the spillway? If above, any particular areas I could scout out? Thanks for the tips. I could bring you along and battle a 30lb'r on rod and reel and you may rethink the bow idea! Lol...jk. Thanks again.