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Weber Jiggin 4/16

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Weber Jiggin 4/16
Had a good day on the Weber today. Landed 5 Brown's between 14 and 16 inches long. Had love from a few others as well, but they were smart and released themselves before I could get them all the way in. They showed a lot of love for the jig today. Tried other offerings, (I don't know why?), such as rapalas and even little bait morsels, but only a couple of very tentative nibbles on the bait. They thumbed their noses completely at the rapalas. It was a nice day, warm temps, although a bit windy at times.
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Re: [Jig-fisher] Weber Jiggin 4/16 In reply to
I fish almost exclusively with jigs. Do you like plastics or marabou? Iím a big marabou fan. Mostly 1/16 ounce in purple, black, olive and brown.
Just one more brookie........
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Re: [brookieguy1] Weber Jiggin 4/16 In reply to
I love the marabou jigs in dark colors and fish them most places I go. The Weber is the exception. Although I have done very well with them, plastics outfish the marabou's nearly every time I go.

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